Monday Night Free Jivaro Subscription Giveaway

Monday Night Free Jivaro Subscription Giveaway!


Free Jivaro Subscription

Free Jivaro Subscription

Monday Free Jivaro Subsription Giveaway!

Every Monday on VGN from now on we are going to be giving away 2x Jivaro 6 Month Free Jivaro Subscription to a couple lucky winners of our Monday Night Nightly Games!  Come hangout in the chat lobby and figure out what you need to play in order to win your 6 Month Jivaro Subscription!  This HUD is awesome and quickly becoming an online poker favorite.
Jivaro has an awesome HUD and is quickly proving to be one of the most effective and easiest poker huds to use!  How do you win?  its simple… All you have to do is be in the VGN Chat Lobby and place first in the tournament we announce will have the Jivaro Monday Night Prize!  After winning just PM MYPOT27  or another administrator in the lobby and we will give you details on how you can claim your Jivaro Subsription!  Thanks to jivaro for supporting VGN Poker and thanks to everyone on VGN Poker for participating!  Good Luck and Good Games!  If you want to skip your chances at winning the Monday games and move straight to trying out Jivaro for 30 days then click the  “Get it now”  button below.  To join the VGN Community Chat Lobby Click Here.
Get Jivaro Now

Get Jivaro Poker HUD Now

Make sure to use bonus code vgnpoker when signing up to either ACR, Black Chip or Ya and we will get you hooked up with an exclusive signup bonus through vgn poker & 1 month premium bronze subscription after making your first deposit.

Here at VGN Poker we are here to help our players. If you are having any trouble at all with your bonus code or need help finding something on our site or have questions we are here. VGN Poker has a 24/7 Support department we are here to help you with your No Deposit Poker Bonus or with any other issues you may be having. Thank you for choosing VGN Poker!