WPN Future Poker Sponsorship Program?

Poker Sponsorship

Potential WPN Poker Sponsorship Program?

WPN Community Poker Sponsorship Program?

This article outlines full details on the information released 9/4/17 in regards to WPN offering a potential Poker Sponorship program to its community.  Nothing is sealed in stone but CEO Phil Nagy Definitely leaked a little information to the players watching the broadcast which outlined some ideas that he has been throwing around in his head.  This Article will include some details on what it is going to take for players to actually obtain an official Poker Sponsorship through WPN and will also outline some leaked details as to how everything might go down.

Please see the end of this article for a video from Phil Nagy describing his thoughts on how players might be able to obtain a Poker Sponsorship from ACR / Winning Poker Network in the near Future.  If you are a new player and are interested in playing on WPN please use bonus code “vgnpoker” when signing up for ACR, Black Chip or Ya Poker and receive and exclusive bonus through VGN Poker.

Without further ado let’s get started…

Phil Nagy CEO Came on Twitch on 9/4/17 in an official Twitch Broadcast to discuss the recent DDOS Attacks and to keep the players in the loop on details of the attack that effected OSS & players over the weekend.  This video covered more than one topic but we figured the Poker Sponsorship topic deserved its own article.

Phil starts off the Poker Sponsorship topic by stating that he was asked by one of the ACR Stormer’s if he was planning on sponsoring the Stormer’s or had any plans on putting something together to sponsor a specific member of the official Twitch Team.  Nagy then goes on to say that his relationship with the Stormer’s is a good one that works out really well for both WPN and the Members of the team.  Reaching out a little bit beyond the Stomer’s he then offered the viewers and community members watching the broadcast some insight on how everyone in the community could potentially have a shot at obtaining a sponsorship from the network in the future.

If you are a part of the WPN community then you know that when Phil starts brainstorming there is more than likely going to be some potentially good news for everyone.  Phil jumped into the sponsorship discussion topic by stating that most established poker professionals are currently reluctant in most cases to be sponsored by Americas Cardroom and WPN.  He then further says the following.

“Would it be cool to say to hell with all the pros in the world?  Why spend all that money for them to wear my gear?  Why Don’t I look for a local hero?”

The phrase “Local Hero” was used more than once in this broadcast and seems to be what he is calling this idea of a sponsorship program as of now.    If you were in Nagy’s position, had a growing player base and Poker Professionals were currently reluctant to accept a sponsorship on your network, wouldn’t you be interested in growing yourself a solid pro-team from within your community?

Why pay out of pocket to people who won’t even appreciate the sponsorship when there are already skilled players who could potentially blow up sitting right in front of you who would stick by your side for life?

WPN has grown to be one of the top 10 poker networks in the world recently and in my opinion are always look out for their players and community.  Currently players who participate on the poker network dedicate time, money and are achieving payouts at pro-levels while obtaining some serious exposure that reaches out even beyond WPN.

Instead of investing in a face for the community using an already existing established pro why doesn’t ACR make a pro or form a pro team from within the current WPN community and show everyone that WPN has a players at pro-level abilities without the help of established professionals?  Makes sense to me.

WPN Poker Sponsorship Qualification Process

Not all details about the qualification program for a potential wpn sponsorship have been clarified.  However we do have a general thoughts and ideas from a huge voice within the network that gives us some huge insight on things that could be coming in the future.

Phil states that there would be some type of benchmarks for players to qualify for a sponsorship.  Basically a series of accomplishments and participation would be required that would basically prove that a potential community player would be worthy of receiving the sponsorship from the central network. They aren’t just going to give this out for free.

Obviously there are no set numbers yet however it was stated in the broadcast that hypothetically if he does do this $100,000.00 Dollars would be given to a player making them a sponsored pro.  Phil also says in his statement that the money would be divided up into $75,000 worth of buy-ins for the sponsored poker player and $25,000 dollars for travel expenses that would be dished out WPN.

In the broadcast Phil goes into further detail saying that WPN would potentially setup some type of structured leaderboard where players would be able to see the level of achievements in regards to who has qualified, whose getting close to qualified and who has not qualified for the potential sponsorship.

In my opinion just having a leaderboard for this type of program alone would boost a player or affiliates status within and outside the WPN poker community and drive huge traffic to the Network.   This type of sponsorship as stated by Phil could and would indeed change someone’s life and give them a true opportunity to excel as a pro and achieve their dreams as a poker professional.

Nagy made a note to say that he loves poker professionals such as Doug Polk and he would offer great publicity to them if given the opportunity but a sponsorship through WPN would not change his/her life.  Basically what I gather from this statement is players like Doug Polk are already established have a massive bankroll and currently have the opportunity to play throughout the world.

WPN’s goal from this I can say would be to give someone who works hard within the online community a shot and a chance to grow their career as a professional player and with WPN.  I feel as though they feel that by having a structured system to sponsor a pro would give someone who might be skilled enough to participate in large events but has never been given the opportunity or is limited in funds the opportunity to grow independently as well as with one of the best Poker Networks on earth.

Players need to keep in mind It is stated in this broadcast by Phil that it will not be easy to qualify and it will in fact will be hard.  Just the fact though that Americas Cardroom & WPN are offering the ability for their players to climb to a sponsored status on their network goes to show that they do care.

In conclusion to this article I would like to say that if I was in their position I would probably do the same thing.  WPN seems willing to build a pro-team on their network and I know personally if given the opportunity like he is talking about it would indeed change my life as well as others and I would stay loyal to WPN.  This “Local Hero” idea from Phil Nagy is in my opinion one of the best to date.  We at VGN Poker and myself are definitely looking forward to the awesome things that will be coming from Winning Poker Network in the future.  See you all on the Felt!

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