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    Uni-Silent 600kgs 1320lbs Heavy Duty Side Rail Platform Trolley

    Product Features:
    Main materials of deck is plastic, clean, green and easy to maintain. Virgin PP with great advantages on both toughness and rigidity. Environmentally friendly powder coating process do not harm human body, operators can use it safely. Castors units include 4 and 6 pcs options, you can choose by yourself according to your different using requirements.

    Specification Sheet:

    Optional Castors:
    PLA600Y-BH (Natural Rubber Tyre + Steel Bracket)

    Product Description:
    Widely used in different kinds of sheet materials. Idea for all kinds of large, long and bulky objects which are hard to carry. Suitable for lumber,sheeting, roofing manufacturers or hardware and construction stores. Optional natural rubber castors, flexible and easy to operate.

    Q: How many loading capacity options for this kind of panel truck?
    Two,300kgs(660lbs) and 600kgs(1320lbs).
    Q: How many castors should be fit this trolley?
    Two options:both 4 castors and 6 castors are available.
    Q:Can the plastic deck withstand cargo in 600kgs?
    No problem at all.Back of deck is also reinforced with steel tubes.Panel Trolley factory