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Premium Sub Club Membership

vgn sub clubHow does it all work?

When you registered your account initially on VGN Poker that also gave you the ability to log into any other site that is hosted on our network. Basically what this means is our subscribers are linked to every other Team/Partner/Affiliate website that is hosted on our network. When you subscribe to VGN Poker your not just getting benefits of being a premium member on VGN Poker but your also getting Premium benefits on all websites that are a part of and hosted on Virtual Gamers Network ( ).

What does it mean to be in the VGN Sub Club?

Being a VGN Subscriber entitles you to some pretty cool things on the network that you normally wouldn’t have access to. Obviously you will get access to the Monthly Subscriber Freerolls but there are other things as well that you are entitled to which will help you to shine and also get the full VGN Poker Experience. By subscribing to VGN your helping to keep the doors open and showing your full support for this ever growing community.

VGN Sub Club Benefits

1.) Subscriber only access to our Exclusive Newsletter

Starting in october there will bea weekly newsletter that will go out to premium only members that will contain basically everything VGN that has planned and has done throughout the month.  Premium subscribers will get inside access that is not accessible to the public on development projects, releases and schedule changes.

2.) Premium Status in the Chat Lobby

If your a premium subscriber why not show it? We want you to be proud to be a premium subscriber on this network. If you subscribe to VGN Poker your name in chat will be a different color from guests and/or registered players so that you are recognized as a premium member in the chat room.

3.) Expedited Support

Have you ever had questions or problems? Forget getting in line. Its like having the cut in line pass at an amusement park. Premium Subscribers cut in line over other tickets currently open on the network and get their problems/questions answered first.

4.) Premium Subscriber Benefits on all Network Sites

VGN hosts multiple websites on our network and some of them also have premium benefits. When you registered for VGN Poker that gave you login credentials on all other sites hosted on our network. By subscribing to any website on our network including VGN Poker you will get premium subscriber benefits on all sites we host.

5.) VGN Subscriber Freerolls

Throughout the month we may give our community access to private events sometimes specifically to our subscribers on various poker networks but do not charge players to participate in them nor do we guarantee any set schedule of events for subscribing to our service. All tournaments are free we do not handle any transactions of funds that are used for online poker. Our Subscription offers many things and our network at times may gift our subs with tournaments at various points throughout the month but they are free of charge and are on no set schedule and/or platform or site.


We hope that we’ve convinced you its worth it. By subscribing to VGN you are helping to keep our doors open and pushing us forward to stronger cool things that we can provide the community. Any support helps and we want you to feel appreciated as a premium subscriber. Live support is open 24/7 if you have any questions about anything. If Live Chat isn’t available just open a tiket and usually a staff member will get back to you within the hour.

Level Price  
Sub Club Premium (Monthly) $1.99 per Month. Select
Sub Club Premium (Yearly) $19.99 per Year. Select