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    VGN Weekend League FAQ

    Q.) How do I get the password for the VGN Weekend League?

    A.) Passwords for the VGN Weekend League are given out in the Poker Chat Lobby @
    If you are using a mobile phone you may need to download a flash based browser such as “Photon” in order to be able to view the chat room.

    Q.) How do I win Prizes participating in the VGN Weekend League?

    A.) Throughout the month VGN hosts multiple contests, prizes & raffles for our players. If your want to win prizes doing various things its recommended that you are in the chat room for the events and also pay attention to news and social media to keep up to date with what is going on.

    If you don’t keep yourself in the loop you won’t have a chance at winning. Please keep in mind that players are only eligible to receive one 888 Poker Ticket from any of our contests/games throughout the month. However we will run games throughout the month that give out other prizes such as merchandise, points for equipment and other cool stuff. The following are the current different ways you can win prizes.

    Chat Games – An Administrator will announce the game/prize in the Poker Chat lobby and it will be your task to win the game in the main chat. If you are announced the winner you will be notified VIA Main Chat and asked to Private Message the Team Member that is currently running the game with your 888 Poker Username.

    Placing First – If you place first in any VGN Weekend League tournament throughout the month you will have 10 minutes to claim your prize in the chat lobby or by opening a ticket with VGN Support. Prizes for first place are announced in the chat lobby before each event begins.

    Social Media Contests – Make sure you check out our Twitter and Facebook pages as we sometimes we will do contests on there and give out free stuff to VGN Players. All you have to do is answer the questions on our social media page where you see the post and follow instructions.

    Q.) How do the Poker Leaderboard Work?

    A.) In order to be ranked on the Poker Leaderboards you must place top 10 in any VGN Weekend League Game held throughout the month. Leaderboards are updated the first week of every month. Once the Leaderboards are updated you will be able to see the Monthly Stats and Results from the previous month.

    The Poker Leaderboards can be found here For a full breakdown on the points structure for the Poker Leaderboards Please Click Here

    Q.) What is the VGN Winners Circle & How do I qualify?

    A.) The VGN Winners Circle is a special tournament we will be running once a month for players who qualify through participation and placing in our events. There are multiple ways to qualify for this monthly event. You will not need a password for this event if you qualify.

    All players who are eligible for The Winners Circle from the previous month will be automatically registered for the event. Some ways you can qualify for the VGN Winners Circle are by Winning Chat Games, Placing on the Leaderboards & Winning Social Media Contests. If you have any questions about qualifying please do not hesitate to ask a team members or visit VGN Live Support.

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