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Americas Card Room Leaderboards

americas card room leaderboards

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Americas Card Room Leaderboards

Welcome to the VGN Final Table Tournament Americas Card Room Leaderboards.  VGN Supports multiple different tournaments that are held throughout the month on Americas Card Room.  On this section of our website you will be able to view multiple different Poker Leaderboards for various games on Americas Card Room.

Currently VGN Supports Monthly, All-Time and Individual Type Poker Leaderboards with Monthly & All Time Stats.  You will find all of these types of boards on our Americas Card Room Leaderboards system by clicking the tabs below.

Tournament results are normally posted and stats are usually updated within 24 hours of an event. For a complete breakdown on the points structure and how these leaderboards work please click the “HOW IT WORKS” tab.

NOTE: The VGN Americas Card Room Leaderboards and are in no way affiliated with Americas Card Room.  As of now the VGN Poker Leaderboard system supports Americas Card Room but is in no way affiliated with Americas Card Room. Please also note that an individual community, website and/or personality leaderboards displayed on are in no way affiliated with VGN.  Any Contests and/or promotions that VGN Hosts independently should in no way be associated officially with any community, website and/or personality directly unless stated otherwise. (vgnpoker) is a website that provides gambling related material to readers for information purposes. does accept advertising from gambling related sites, but does not operate any online gaming services.   Please refer to our Privacy Policy  and/or Terms & Conditions for more information.


The name “Final Table Leaderboards” pretty much says it all.  Each night 300 Points are given out to the Top 9 Players in any given Poker Tournament that we support.  We’ve added on 5 Points for the Bubble Boy to spice things up a little bit.

Each Tournament is given a Monthly Leaderboard and a Universal Leaderboard.  Each Leaderboard is capable of working with any other leaderboard you see. For instance we can combine statistics from “Tournament A” and “Tournament B” into one universal and/or monthly leaderboard.  By doing this its going allow us to rank multiple tournaments on to one Universal and/or Monthly Leaderboard.

Normally Results for Qualifying Tournaments will be posted in our “Tournament Results” within 24 hours of each tournament successfully running.   On each leaderboard under “ALL LEADERBOARDS” you can see the last time the leaderboard was updated as well as that the results from the tournament that ran.

If you notice an inaccuracy in this leaderboard or an issue feel free to submit a ticket to support with the “Tournament ID“, “Leaderboard” as well as a “Screenshot” of the Tournament Lobby in question.  Specific Leaderboards can be “Filtered By Name” using the search option on the top right of each leaderboard page.

You can also one step further by clicking on the SITE/ROOM ICONS and visit that sites leaderboard section directly.  Please note that we do allow people to use and embed our leaderboards on their websites.  However for some websites these might not be the official leaderboards for their community.

If you are competing in an independently ran community event and/or contest please do not rely on our leaderboards to determine any contest winnings unless advertised otherwise on their websites/stream and/or community.


1 30% / 90 PTS
2 20% / 60 PTS
3 15% / 45 PTS
4 10% / 30 PTS
5 7.5% / 22.5 PTS
6 5.5% / 16.5 PTS
7 4.5% / 13.5 PTS
8 4% / 12 PTS
9 3.5% / 10.5 PTS
Final Table Bubble 5 POINTS

Americas Card Room All-Time Leaderboards

Americas Cardroom All-Time Standings

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