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Elite Benefits Winning Poker Network

Welcome to Winning Poker Networks frontline on American Card Room, Black Chip Poker & Ya Poker. Here, the more you play poker, the more your rank is going to rise, and the more rewards you will get.  WPN’s Famed Elite Benefits program is getting better all the time and only on VGN Poker are we giving you our full honest breakdown.  After the article please check out the special bonus we have for new players and also take a look at the rank structure we put up there for all of our readers.  Let’s get to it.

Immediately when you start playing on Americas Cardroom you start earning RP’s.  The second you get the number of RPs required in a month to move on to the subsequent rank, you will immediately start receiving all the benefits which come with the new rank.

Monthly Military Ranks

Rank Monthly RPs Required CPs per RP
CAPTAIN 750 1.5
MAJOR 3,000 2
COLONEL 7,500 2.5


VIP Level Yearly RPs Required CPs per RP
GENERAL 100,000 3.5
5-STAR GENERAL 1,000,000 5

Rank Points are what American Cardroom uses to determine your Military Rank for elite benefits. You can earn RPs by playing any of the ranked ring games or paying tournament fees. For each rank point that you earn, you also get something called combat points. The combat points you earn from rank points depend on how high you are ranked in the elite benefits scale. You should note that even though you earn combat points for all your rank points, you won’t earn rank points for all your combat points. This means if you get extra CPs through promotions or rank bonuses, you aren’t going to get extra rank points too. You could earn a lot of combat points without rank points. The only real way to earn RPs is by playing poker for real money.

It is also important to note that you can lose your rank if you don’t play frequently. But, as long as you keep playing there is no reason for losing it. The Captain, Major, and Colonel rank will last till the end of every calendar month which follows the month in which you qualified for it. This means that if you qualify for a rank between the 1st and 20th of a particular month, you will achieve the corresponding rank status for the entire next month. All you have to do after that is continue earning the required rank points each month, and there is no reason why you would lose your rank status.

Just remember that rank points cannot be used for buying in to tournaments. They are simply meant to determine your rank in the program as well as the elite benefits which you receive. You will not be able to transfer them either. They are tied with your account. They can’t be exchanged for cash either. They also can’t be used to buy anything from the store. For all these things, you’ll need to use combat points.

Also, rank points can expire. You will always see two RP counters on your profile, one is monthly, and the other is yearly. The monthly counter resets every month while the yearly counter resets every January. The monthly counter determines your rank each month while the yearly counter determines if you can get the status of a 5-star General.

How do I find out what Military Rank I am?

Once your signed In to the Americas Card Room Software all you have to do is click the “Rewards” Button and it will display your rank, how many RPs you have earned and more.

How do I check my Combat Point balance?

Same as finding your military rank.  All of your Elite Rewards information can be found by hitting the rewards button.  Combat points should be considered as currency. They can be used for buying merchandise and to get free cash. They too can expire if you don’t earn at least 1 CP in a calendar year. All you need is a single combat point, and your account will stay active, and nothing will expire. This shouldn’t be difficult at all for anyone who loves playing poker.

Cash Rewards

Once you start earning Combat Points you can start buying some really cool stuff in the Store on either Americas Cardroom, Ya Poker or Black Chip Poker.

Buy stuff

You have fought hard at the tables. You have conquered the tourneys. You have lost some, too. But it does not matter how you have fared because, thanks to our Weighted Contributed Rake Method of calculating Rank Points, you have earned.  This system on WPN is truly remarkable.

Combat Points
Now it is time to go shopping. Buy cool merchandise, grab some poker books, or snag some high-end electronics. Availability depends on your rank, so visit the store to see how far your arsenal of Combat Points can take you.

Hit some live events.

Not all poker tournaments have to cost you real money. Use your Combat Points to buy your seat in all sorts of land-based tournaments. Remember, Americas Cardroom, Black Chip Poker and Ya Poker are the #1 place to qualify for the  Latin Poker Series and other big-name tourneys.

Earn a cash bonus

You can exchange your Combat Points for cash and other bonuses including Medals of Achievement. There are $1,200 worth of Medals of Achievement with your name on them. All you need to do is earn enough Rank Points to grab them.


Elite Benefits Americas Card Room Black Chip Poker Ya PokerLieutenant LevelLieutenant Level

Lieutenant is the first rank in the Elite Benefits Program, if you have what it takes to meet the challenge, you will be considered Elite.

  • Points Earned in contributed rake methodology
  • Lieutenant Store Access
  • Access to Medals of Achievement

Elite Benefits Captain Level

Captain Level

Earn 750 RPs within a month and you will qualify for more bonuses than Lieutenants, including more Medals of Achievement. The more you pay, the more you earn.

  • You earn 1.5 CPs for every 1 RP earned
  • Captain Store Access
  • $50 Cash available for purchase from the Store
  • Plus all Lieutenant Benefits

Elite Benefits Major LevelMajor Level

Ready for major rewards? This rank in our Elite Benefits program earns double Combat Points and much more.

  • Earn 2.0 CPs for every 1 RP earned
  • $300 Cash available for purchase from the Store
  • Major Store Access
  • Plus all Captain Benefits

Elite Benefits Colonel LevelColonel Level

The Colonel rank in our Elite Benefits program earn cash rewards, the 2.5 Combat Points multiplier and more.

  • You earn 2.5 CPs for every 1 RP earned
  • $600 Cash available for purchase from the Store
  • Colonel Store Access
  • Plus all Major Benefits

Elite Benefits General LevelGeneral Level

By earning 100,000 yearly Rank Points (RPs), player can conquer the tables. Get ready for TWO Reward Bonuses totaling $5,500, special Cash Rewards, and more.

  • You earn 3.5 CPs for every 1 RP earned
  • $1500 & $4,000 Cash available for purchase from the Store
  • Guaranteed to stay a General until February of the following year
  • Option to purchase Distinction Medals giving you exclusive cash credits.
  • Plus all Major Benefits

Elite Benefits 5 Star Genearl5 Star General Level

5-Star Generals, are at the top of their game AND everyone else’s game, as well. They play online poker like a true hero, and they deserve 5-star recognition.

  • 5-Star Generals earn 5 CPs for every 1 RP earned
  • Guaranteed to stay a 5 Star-General until February of the following year
  • Get one luxury package to the Punta Cana Poker Classic and one for the Latin Poker Series.
  • Plus all General Benefits

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Here at VGN we are here to help our players. If you are having any trouble at all with your bonus code or need help finding something on our site or have questions we are here. VGN Poker has a 24/7 Support department we are here to help you with your No Deposit Poker Bonus or with any other issues you may be having. Thank you for choosing VGN Poker!


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