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Jackpot Poker Overview (WPN)

Jackpot Poker (WPN) Americas Card Room, Black Chip Poker, Ya Poker


Jackpot Poker Americas Cardroom, Black Chip Poker, Ya Poker

There are tons of exclusive WSOP Jackpots which could help you win a $12,500 package today. Americas Cardroom Black Chip Poker & Ya Poker on The Winning Poker Network have now unveiled a number of new ways for you to start winning at Jackpot Poker. These are a number of 3-max player, fast-paced, hyper-turbo sit and go tournaments which have starting stacks of just 500 chips as well as short three minute levels.

The regular amounts for buy-ins in such games are between $2 and $40. The randomly drawn prize pool for the tournament awards anything between 2 – 2,500 times what you buy-in for. This means that you will be able to win as much as $100,000 in just a few minutes.  For a complete overview on World Series of Jackpot Poker Click Here.

Why don’t you give it a shot yourself?

Here are 5 easy steps for you to begin playing jackpot poker:

  • Select a buy-in amount.
    Jackpot Poker Buy In Amount
  • Choose the number of tournaments you wish to play in simultaneously.
  • The moment 3 players are registered; the draw for the prize pool of the tournament will begin.
  • The prize pool is then shown to all of the players competing.
  • The first hand is then dealt, and the poker prize is up for grabs.

Now, here are a few tips to help you understand how to use the maximizer. This is a new feature we’re offering to help you search for new tables. It lets you concentrate on playing your game while it adds you to waiting lists automatically and open up new games for you:

  • Choose the maximizer tab from the jackpots lobby.
  • Choose the maximum buy-in.
  • Choose your preferred buy-in. Maximizer will always reserve at least one table at this stake if you want.
  • Choose the maximum number of tables you want to play at.
  • Turn on the maximizer.

It will then start searching for new games continuously and will open up tables as soon as they get free up to the maximum number of tables which you have selected.

Frequency and prizes

Jackpot poker is a sort of winner-takes-all tournament. The only time this is not true is when one of the 3 highest prize tiers are hit. In such cases, there’s default distribution, but players can also choose to make deals if they want. Every player starts with the same 500 chips, though.

Jackpot Poker sitting out and disconnections policy

By participating players accept that there is a risk of problems with internet connections.  If players leave jackpot poker games before being eliminated, they will be able to rejoin the game from the lobby as long as it is still in progress.If all players disconnect at the same time, the game will be paused and will only be restarted once all connections have been restored.

If jackpot games are cancelled while you are playing it:

If the total prize pool is lower than three times the buy-in, the complete buy-in of every player is refunded.If the prize pool is more than three times the buy-in and no deal has been made, the prize pool will be distributed based on chip count.If all players made deals and the prize pool in play is just 10% of the total. Every player will get 30% from the deal amount, and the last 10% will be distributed as per chip count.

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