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PLO Sunday Special (WPN)

PLO Sunday Special (WPN)

PLO Sunday Special

The PLO Sunday Special Tournament is among the largest weekly progressive tournaments of Omaha out there. What’s more, it continues to grow each week.  The only place you can find this amazing tournament is on either Americas Card Room, Black Chip Poker or Ya Poker.  Please check out the bottom of this article after reading for a special bonus which is exclusive to new Players Only.

The Pot Limit Omaha special on WPN has been an idea since our Texas hold’em Sunday Special changed into such a massive success.

On the 20th of December 2015, the first ever PLO Special tournament was posted on a Sunday. That tournament had a guarantee of $25,000. The prize pool has been increased by $2,000 each and every Sunday since then. The posted guarantee is currently at $35,000. This amount is going to be jacked up even more, and the only person who can decide where it stops is you.

Every single week the tournament covers, we are going to grow the guaranteed prize pool by an amount of $2,000. If the tournament is not able to accumulate sufficient players to get the posted guarantee in any particular week, the increase will be frozen, and it then gets another chance of meeting the guarantee on the next Sunday.

If there are sufficient players to cover it on the next attempt, the guarantee is unfrozen and starts right back up with an increase. It will continue increasing until the tournament is unable to cover it for two consecutive weeks. If this happens, we will do a one-time roll back of the prize pool by $2,000. We will also make permanent prize pool in that weekly Sunday special permanent.

You are going to love everything that the PLO Sunday Special has to offer including:

  • A low buy-in of $215.
  • A starting stack of 10,000 chips.
  • An early start time of 2 pm Eastern Time.
  • A $2,000 increase in the prize pool each and every week that the tournament runs.
  • A number of satellites where you can qualify for only a fraction of this cost.

The Texas hold’em special had started with the same $25,000 prize pool and managed to cap out at $150,000. This is the largest Sunday weekly major that has been hosted by any site in the United States.

So why don’t you come join us and help us grow this PLO Sunday Special into the largest Sunday PLO tournament in online poker? The sky really is the limit when it comes to the Winning Poker Network and its partners Americas Card Room, Black Chip Poker & Ya Poker.

Make sure to use bonus code vgnpoker when signing up to either ACR, Black Chip or Ya and we will get you hooked up with a free $5.00 no deposit, 100% match bonus, %50.00 Free Tournament Cash and you can get started building your VIP Status on WPN’s famous Elite Benefits Program.

USE BONUS CODE: vgnpoker

Poker Room
Bonus Code
27% Rakeback, 100% Match, $50.00 Free, $250.00 Freeroll
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27% Rakeback, 100% Match, $250.00 Freeroll

Here at VGN we are here to help our players. If you are having any trouble at all with your bonus code or need help finding something on our site or have questions we are here. VGN Poker has a 24/7 Support department we are here to help you with your No Deposit Poker Bonus or with any other issues you may be having. Thank you for choosing VGN Poker!


Date Buy-in Time (ET) Name
Saturday $30+3 5:45pm  Sunday Special $125K Sat. – 10 Seats GTD
Sunday $20+2 12:00pm  Sunday Special $125K Sat 5 Seats GTD R/A
Sunday $30+3 1:15pm  Sunday Special $125K Sat. – 20 Seats GTD
Sunday $22+1 2:00pm  Sunday Special $125K- 1 Seat GTD Hyper
Sunday $22+1 2:20pm  Sunday Special $125K- 1 Seat GTD Hyper
Sunday $22+1 2:40pm  Sunday Special $125K- 1 Seat GTD Hyper
Sunday $200+15 3:00pm  Sunday Special – $125,000 GTD
Sunday $22+1 3:00pm  Sunday Special $125K- 1 Seat GTD Hyper
Sunday $22+1 3:20pm  Sunday Special $125K- 1 Seat GTD Hyper
Sunday $22+1 3:40pm  Sunday Special $125K- 1 Seat GTD Hyper
Sunday $22+1 4:00pm  Sunday Special $125K- 1 Seat GTD Hyper
Sunday $22+1 4:20pm  Sunday Special $125K- 1 Seat GTD Hyper
Sunday $22+1 4:40pm  Sunday Special $125K- 1 Seat GTD Hyper
Sunday $22+1 5:00pm  Sunday Special $125K- 1 Seat GTD Hyper
Sunday $22+1 5:20pm  Sunday Special $125K- 1 Seat GTD Hyper
Sunday $22+1 5:35pm  Sunday Special $125K- 1 Seat GTD Hyper