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Sit & Crush

We at VGN Poker are pleased to let you know of The First ever Weekly Progressive race for Sit & Go in the world.  This tournament is Called Sit & Crush.  At no additional cost, players will be able to get thousands of dollars worth of cash as well as free entries to all tournaments just through a Sit & Go Poker Tournament, On Demand Poker Tournament or a Jackpot Poker Tournament.  After reading the article please see the bottom of the page for a special exclusive vgn poker bonus.  If your new to Americas Card Room, Black Chip Poker or Ya Poker make sure you use bonus code vgnpoker when signing up to get more involved with our community.

Players for Sit & Go deserve getting in on this action too. This is why we have dug deep into our pockets and redistributed a part of the fees back to them.  Think about this all you have to do is play and points get added to your account.  As you get more points your rank will rise on the public monthly Player Leaderbaord.

Weekly Sit & Crush Highlights

  • You now have a fresh chance to race to the top each week for tournament seats and cash prizes.
  • Every weekly race will start at midnight on Saturday and continue till 23:59 the following Friday.
  • You will get your cash prize by Monday.
  • The tournament you play will be on the Sunday following the prize payout.


Now, here’s how the Sit & Crush Game works:

  • Register for a tournament in any of the above mentioned games.
  • Earn points just for playing Sit & Go, On Demand or Jackpot Poker Tournaments. It makes absolutely no difference whether you win or lose the tournaments you enter. Irrespective of the outcome, you will be ranked on the leaderboard.
  • You can keep a check on your progress by visiting the Sit & Crush page in the lobby. Here, you can check your rank, points, and various other important information.
  • You stand a chance to win thousands worth of cash as well as entries to various tournaments.
  • Points can be earned by players towards their leaderboard totals simply by playing tournaments. The more they play, the more points they earn, and the greater they rank on the leaderboard.

Players with the highest rank at the end of every week are the ones who are going to win thousands of dollars worth of cash as well as tournament entries. They will also be paid depending on where they finish in the overall standings.

As you continue playing poker, you will start ranking on the leaderboard for both tournament and cash seats. Every weekly competition will run from Saturday at midnight to the next Friday at 23:59 Eastern Time.

But, we haven’t even got to the best part yet. The best part is the cash leaderboard is fueled at no additional cost to any of the players. Every time a player sits at a table, he only has to pay the regular fee, nothing more.

Every single time a player sits at a table and plays a tournament, a part of his fee will be taken out and added to the jackpot. So it’s actually us who are footing the jackpot. This is one of the main reasons why it has become so popular so fast. Also, every player gets three points towards their ranking on the leaderboard for every tournament they participate in. So what are you waiting for? It’s time you started working on your numbers. Who knows, you may just get rich by the end of the week.

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27% Rakeback, 100% Match, $250.00 Freeroll

Here at VGN we are here to help our players. If you are having any trouble at all with your bonus code or need help finding something on our site or have questions we are here. VGN Poker has a 24/7 Support department we are here to help you with your No Deposit Poker Bonus or with any other issues you may be having. Thank you for choosing VGN Poker!


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