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The Beast Race (WPN)

The Beast

The Beast Ya Poker, Americas Cardroom, Black Chip Poker

Get ready for one of the most aggressive and heated competitions in online poker. The Beast, one of the first progressive points race in poker has redefined how a player gets rewarded. This is a weekly event which costs nothing for players to enter. If you are hungry for cash at the end of every week, you are going to absolutely love The Beast since everyone who is sitting at any cash table is automatically also a part of it. There is no extra fee to enter this jackpot. WPN, Americas Cardroom, Ya Poker and Black Chip Poker will make sure you are all set.

Here are some of the weekly highlights to look forward to:

1.) All cash tables compete for The Beast, and there is no additional fee at all since we are taking it all from the rake.

2.) You get a new chance to race right to the top of the leaderboard each week for tournament seats and cash prizes.

3.) Every weekly race starts on Saturday at 00:00 and continues till 23:59 on the next Friday.

4.) You will get your cash prize money by the following Monday every time.

5.) You will get to play your tournament on the Sunday following the prize payout in cash.

6.) All you need to do is tame The Beast, and you can taste victory since everybody has a chance of getting rewarded with large tournament and cash prizes each and every week. The Beast is very easy to become a part of. You only have one goal. To play poker. Yes, you will be playing to win, but The Beast does not care how you win. It only cares about the number of points you earn while playing. The points are all calculated depending on your stake levels. Whether you win or lose is secondary.

Please note that as you continue playing poker on either Ya Poker, Americas Cardroom Poker or Black Chip Poker you will rank on the leaderboard both for tournament seats and cash. Every weekly competition runs according to the times mentioned above.

Do you want to become a part of The Beast Poker Race? Here is what you need to do:

To get in the The Beast obviously the smart thing would be to sign up to either Americas Cardroom, Black Chip Poker or Ya Poker through our site from one of the links you see on this page. Use bonus code once your on signup page and you will receive a really nice bonus. That bonus information if you want more details can be found by clicking here. there is a couple of things that you need to do.

1.) First what you have to do is sit at any Cash Game. There are no special tables marked for The Beast anymore. All tables are now beast tables.

2.) You will earn 1 point for each $0.02 which is fed into The Beast generated through the weighted contributed rake method.

3.) Track all your play on The Leaderboard in your poker client by going to the Rewards Tab and seeing points race.

One positive thing about this points race is you will be able to win thousands in tournaments entries and hard cash just for participating through either Ya Poker, Americas Cardroom or Black Chip Poker. You should know that by playing at the cash tables, you will automatically be put on The Beast ranking system. The Beast Leaderbaord can be found in the promotions section on any partner section. Please click one of the links for a participating site and we will bring you there.

A.) Americas Cardroom Beast Ranking Leaderboard
B.) Ya Poker Beast Ranking Leaderboard
C.) Black Chip Poker Beast Ranking Leaderboard

Well that is pretty much for our official overview of The Beast Race on Winning Poker Network. At the end of every weekly period, you will get prizes and cash depending on your position on the official leaderboard which as stated above can be found on any of the participating sites listed above. With a large number of tables feeding The Beast, the Jackpot only grows with every passing minute.

The ranking on the poker client get updated very frequently. So make sure you keep visiting to check what your latest rank is. Remember, the more you continue playing, the more you will be eligible to win since the jackpot will keep growing. If you are new to either Ya Poker, Americas Cardroom or Black Chip Poker we urge you to signup for their site using the link below and also typing in bonus code vgnpoker when signing up. Each player receives an awesome bonus and we can’t wait to see you on the felt.

Select a site to play The Beast Race.

USE BONUS CODE: vgnpoker

Poker Room
Bonus Code
27% Rakeback, 100% Match, $50.00 Free, $250.00 Freeroll
27% Rakeback, 100% Match, $250.00 Freeroll, 1 Month VGN Subscription
(Bonus Details)
27% Rakeback, 100% Match, $250.00 Freeroll

Here at VGN we are here to help our players. If you are having any trouble at all with your bonus code or need help finding something on our site or have questions we are here. VGN Poker has a 24/7 Support department we are here to help you with your No Deposit Poker Bonus or with any other issues you may be having. Thank you for choosing VGN Poker!

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