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The Cage Poker

The Cage (WPN)

The Cage is one of the best stakes cash games out there. You fight to the finish in a time-based format. It’s just like fighting inside a caged tournament.  So, protect your stack and guard your chips because there will be blood on the felt by the time this tournament is done.  After reading this article please see below for an exclusive “New Player Only” bonus through our site.  That being said let’s get to it.

Let us warn you in advance. The Cage is not a place meant for the faint-hearted. It isn’t a place where those who don’t like to sweat are going to get too far. It is meant for poker players who are willing to do anything to win including damage at the tables which most players can only dream of but never accomplish.

This new event is going to be better and bigger than anything before it. This is why we are personally issuing a challenge to all warriors to get in and join the fight.

You get five hours every Wednesday night to claw your way to victory. The tournament begins at 7:00 pm Eastern Time.

The Cage is nothing but a multiple table time-based cash game which has a buy-in of $1000+$50. There are satellites too if players want any. The tournament will end whenever the clock hits five hours from the start irrespective of the number of players that are still playing.

The buy-in will get you 1,000 chips and here is what you have to do with them. Each chip has a real dollar value. When the five hour tournament ends, your chip stack gets converted back into real cash. If you have 5,000 chips with you at the end of the tournament, your account will get credited with $5,000 worth of cash.

The Cage Highlights

  • The Cage is a five hour game played with cash in a multiple table tournament format.
  • The Cage will end whenever the timer runs out irrespective of the number of players that are still in the game.
  • There is a maximum limit of 6 people per table.
  • The starting stack offered to each player will be a thousand chips.
  • All the chips have real dollar values attached to them.
  • Once the tournament ends, your chip stack gets converted into real cash and is then loaded to your account. We will also turn the heat up on players by increasing the blinds as player’s progress through every level.

The Cage has been split into five different levels where players have to spend 55 minutes each. Every level gets more intense. Here is a break up of how the blinds will increase as the tournament progresses:

Level 1 – $5/$10 blinds & $1 ante

Level 2 – $8/$16 blinds & $1 ante

Level 3 – $10/$20 blinds & $2 ante

Level 4 – $15/$30 blinds & $3 ante

Level 5 – $25/$50 blinds & $5 ante

Just remember than any tournament entries which have been won through satellites will not be transferable, can’t be redeemed, and have absolutely no cash value. So, players who enter the tournament using satellites have no way of unregistering.

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