VGN Premium Subscribers

VGN Premium Subscribers


We invite all of our members to jump to the next level on Our Network & join our Premium Subscriber Club. This club is available for any person to join and is another way for us to give our loyal and dedicated members something special.

Every month our site hosts premium freerolls and tournaments on our social poker client and other partnered sites.  Only subscribers are allowed to play some of these events.

There are special leaderboards, contests & giveaways for all of our premium club members.  If you have questions or need support please do not hesitate to speak with here support department by clicking here.


1.) Subscribe to the club by Clicking Here.

2.) Link your VGN Account to our Social Poker Client.

2.) Play Freerolls & Covert Your Virtual Points To Real Cash VIA PayPal or BTC!






Price FREE FOR ALL 4.99/mo Recurring $54.99
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vgn subscriber club


Check out some of the Freerolls you can play by joining our Sub Club.

Weekend Warriors Freerolls

Saturdays/Sundays 4:00 PM EST / 9:00 PM GMT

Every Saturday & Sunday at 4:00 PM EST / 9 PM GMT the Weekend Warriors Freeroll Series kick off!  This is a great game to build up your VP Points!  Come hangout with the VGN Crew & Community & Battle it out with our dedicated players.  Please look out for live entertainment and additional giveaways in the poker chat lobby!

Hourly Club Freeroll

Hourly Club Freeroll

Every Hour on the Hour

This is a new freeroll we have added.  If your bored or looking for something to do during the day and want a chance at building up your VP Points we invite you to play in the Hourly Club Freeroll.  This tournament runs all day every-day.  It’s just another game that we have that offers more perks to our club members.


Torchwoods Tornado

Torchwoods Tornado

Daily 1:00 PM EST / 6:00 PM GMT

Come hangout with one of VGN’s Favorite Administrators everyday @ 1:00 PM EST / 6:00 PM GMT.  This Freeroll is a daily game we host.  The Community is up and at um all the time on VGN and this is definitely an event you can hop into if you are looking for action.


Twisted Friday Weekly

Twisted Friday Weekly Freeroll

Every Friday 8:00 PM EST / 1:00 AM GMT

Everyone’s favorite girl is back and she is more active than ever in the community. The Twisted Friday Weekly is a $25 GTD Tournament we will run every Friday. Come hangout with twisted and have a relaxing fun Friday of poker!


Nighly Sub Freeroll

Nightly Subscriber Freeroll

Everyday 7:00 PM EST / 12:00 AM GMT

The VGN Social Poker Client is starting to heat up and we have more new subscribers joining weekly. We’ve decided to put a little game out there for people to play if they are bored at any point during the day. The Hourly Club Freeroll will run Daily on the VGN Poker Client.


Early Bird MultiplierEarly Bird Multiplier

Everyday 11:00 AM EST  / 4:00 PM GMT

The Early Bird Multiplier is a new type of game we are introducing to the club. There is a set buy-in of 10VP to enter. For each person that registers the house will also contribute 10VP to the prize pool. This is a really cool daily game if your just waking up and want to bring in a few extra points. Check it out everyday!

Understanding Virtual Points (VP)

Every tournament you play in on the VGN Poker Client Rewards each player with Virtual Points.  These Virtual Points can be used to purchase merchandise and/or can be redeemed via paypal and/or btc.

  • 1 VP = .01 USD.  
  • 1,000 VP = 10.00 USD

View Your VP balance

  • Login to the VGN Poker Client.
  • Click Account + Show Balance
  • Your VP Points are your Primary Balance in the Poker Client.
  • See the picture below for a visual.
Virtual Points Help

Virtual Points Help


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