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New Added Prizes 888 Weekend League

Starting this Weekend we will be giving out some new added prizes for the VGN 888 Weekend League.  We will be doing some Chat Lobby Games as well as be giving out some bounties.  There are many different types of tournament tickets we will be giving out which can be used on various 888 Tournaments!  So basically if you want your chance at scoring some extra fun and have the opportunity to play in some additional tournaments outside of our VGN Weekend League make sure you come hangout in the Poker Chat Lobby!

Types of Prizes/Tournament Tickets

$12 Tournament Tickets
$5 tournament Tickets
$30 Tournament Tickets
$1 Tournament Tickets


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2020-11-25 gloomyelf Daily Subscribers Freeroll v615

Here's a hint to the #password to today's 25/11 Instagram #Freeroll happening at 9pm GMT. 💃💯💃

Head over to our page for the password!

T&C's apply:

2020-11-24 targa65 Nightly Subscribers Freeroll v614

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