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The VGN Poker Social Poker Client is our way of giving back to our community, premium club members and supporters.  Every month we host a whole bunch of different freerolls just for our players.  Points earned from these freerolls can be redeemed for real cash prizes in the form of rewards.  If you aren’t a subscriber we recommend you get started today!  Currently we offer a 30-Day Trial and is 4.99/mo after that.  On this page you will be able to log into our poker client as well as find out more information to help you get started.  If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact VGN 24/7 Support for more details.

Each players subscription is very important to us and we appreciate all of the support the community gives us.  We want you to be happy.  If you have any suggestions or want to see something please don’t hesitate to ask.  Thanks for playing on VGN!  Good luck on the felt!

Getting Started

Getting started utilizing your premium Club Benefits is easy and is not a painstaking process. If you want to make sure you get the most value out of your club membership please pay attention and follow the steps that are outlined below.  As always if you get lost or have any questions please don’t hesitate to reach out to VGN 24/7 Support .

1.) Link Your VGN Account To The Network Poker Client.

  • Login with your VGN Account and register a poker client account using your VGN Details.  Click Here to link your account.
  • After you link your VGN Account to the poker client you should be able to login to the Social Poker Client by Clicking Here.
  • Bookmark the link above to login through your phone or desktop quicker.

2.) Play VGN Social Poker Client Freerolls & Earn VP

  • Once you are logged into the VGN Poker Client your ready to start earning!
  • Simply Play Freerolls & Earn VP.  Your VP Balance can be found by going to Account + Show Balance from the VGN Poker Client.

3.) Redeem Your VP Rewards!

  • When you think you have enough VP Built up head on over to the Rewards Redemption page and fill out the form.
  • Redemption requests are processed within 24-48 hours but can take up to 7-days to clear.
  • Only Subscribers are eligible to redeem VP Rewards.  If you haven’t subscribed Click Here to subscribe for 30-days free!

Understanding Virtual Points (VP)

Every tournament you play in on the VGN Poker Client Rewards each player with Virtual Points.  These Virtual Points can be used to purchase merchandise and/or can be redeemed via paypal and/or btc.

  • 1 VP = .01 USD.  
  • 1,000 VP = 10.00 USD

View Your VP balance

  • Login to the VGN Poker Client.
  • Click Account + Show Balance
  • Your VP Points are your Primary Balance in the Poker Client.
  • See the picture below for a visual.
Virtual Points Help

Virtual Points Help


Use this tool to look up a players Hand History.

Looking to see what a particular player is up to?  Use the search box below and lookup a player.

Fetch Results From Previous Tournaments.


Daily 1:00 PM Daily Club Freeroll Freeroll
Daily 7:00 PM Nightly Club Freeroll Freeroll
Saturday 4:00 PM Weekend Warriors Freeroll Freeroll
Sunday 4:00 PM Weekend Warriors Freeroll Freeroll
Hourly Hourly Hourly Club Freeroll Freeroll
Daily 9:00 AM Early Bird Freeroll Freeroll
Friday 2:00 PM Quarter Hoarder 25 VP
Daily 2:00 PM Quarter Hoarder Satellite Freeroll
Daily 12:00 PM Sunday Club Bounty 50 VP
Sunday 12:00 PM Club Elite 200 VP


2023-02-17 VGN Poker Client Twisted Friday Weekly gencoal
2023-02-18 VGN Poker Client Hourly Club Freeroll osotorov
2023-02-18 VGN Poker Client Skyes Brunch Brawler osotorov
2023-02-18 VGN Poker Client Hourly Club Freeroll osotorov
2023-02-18 VGN Poker Client Hourly Club Freeroll victorod
2023-02-18 VGN Poker Client Hourly Club Freeroll osotorov
2023-02-18 VGN Poker Client Weekend Warriors (SAT) pschill555
2023-02-18 VGN Poker Client Nightly Club Freeroll flavia77
2023-02-19 VGN Poker Client Skyes Brunch Brawler alex91055536
2023-02-19 VGN Poker Client VGN Club Elite (SUN) tonytony

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