VGN Discord Server / Chat Lobby Overview

VGN Discord Server & Chat Lobby

VGN Discord Server & Chat Lobby

VGN Discord Server / Chat Lobby Overview

After years of using a self hosted chat lobby we have decided that it’s easier, better for growth and the community to move our chat lobby & community hangout over to our new Discord Server.  We as a team understand that this is a big change for everyone.  In our opinion however it’s a good one.  There are multiple benefits to this change and we feel it is going to be a really good thing for everyone.

All community things that we used to do in the old chat lobby such as Passwords, live  will now be on our discord server in the #chat-lobby.  If you need help or assistance we have a #support channel setup in there and are around 24/7 to answer questions.  Our live support on the website will still be open.

VGN Discord Benefits

Some basic benefits of being a member of our discord server.

  • One stop shop for everything on the network.
  • Players are linked to offers, reviews, news and announcements directly.
  • Easier to navigate network resources.
  • Simplified password distribution system.
  • Much more fun environment for players.
  • Easily post and talk about games with the community.
  • Much broader audience.
  • Lots of opportunity for growth.

Getting Started

New to discord?  Follow these steps and connect with the community.

  • Register an account on
  • Visit our discord server:
  • Once your in our server check out the #getting-started channel and other information channels from the left for tips.
  • Thats it!  General Discussion is in the #chat-lobby.  Feel free to hangout, invite your friends and discuss anything your heart desires.
  • View the #passwords channel for information on obtaining event passwords.

Future Goals

  • Integrate Radio & Twitch Streams into the channel.
  • Integrate League Bot to quickly view stats and access league information.
  • Player Search and lookup features to add friends and engage with the community.
  • Poker DML Match Making System for bracket based tournaments.
  • Contest Bots to quickly and easily add cooler contests & promotions for our players.
  • Player Verification system 100% built into discord to quickly obtain password.
  • Add features to the current support bot to quickly get support and information.



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