$200 BRK Final Freeroll 1/26/19 (Important Notice)


Breakout Poker

$200 BRK Final Freeroll 1/26/19 (Important Notice)

If you have been playing in the VGN Weekend League on Breakout Poker we have a special tournament coming up on January 26th for all of our loyal players.  VGN has been with BRK For a little while now and we are going to be hooking our BRK Players up with a Weekend League Final Tournament on 1/26.  If you are not familiar with the VGN Breakout Poker Weekend League on VGN its been running the past couple of months and has been starting to pick up.  You can view the VGN Weekend League Leaderboards by Clicking Here.

After this final $200 Freeroll on 1/26 Breakout Poker will be retiring from GG Network.  There are things in motion to get us all setup on GG and player accounts transferred but there is no word 100% yet if the Weekend League will continue on GG Network.  Its my guess that it will we will just need to talk to our new reps and stuff and get everything squared away over there. Breakout Poker website will remain up after the merger but when you download the software it will automatically download GG Poker Software.  All player accounts including VGN accounts will be transferred from BRK to GG on January 27th.

If there are any questions please do not hesitate to contact VGN Support by Clicking Here!

Click Here For the Breakout Weekend League Freeroll Passwords!


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