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VGN Weekend League

The VGN Weekend League is a special series that we host every Saturday & Sunday on 888poker!  Only VGN Members are allowed to participate in this tournament.  If your looking for password information all you have to do is login with your VGN Username & Password and message a [VGN] Admin in the poker chat lobby for entry information.  Every month there are additional prizes and giveaways for our players that we offer exclusively to VGN Club Members.  Click Here to signup for 888poker & get $88 Free No Deposit!

Players who place Top 10 in any of our weekend leagues will automatically be ranked on our Poker Leaderboard system and will earn points every month.  Earn your title on VGN and win some cool prizes while your at it!  Play in the VGN Weekend League Today!

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1 30% / 90 PTS
2 20% / 60 PTS
3 15% / 45 PTS
4 10% / 30 PTS
5 7.5% / 22.5 PTS
6 5.5% / 16.5 PTS
7 4.5% / 13.5 PTS
8 4% / 12 PTS
9 3.5% / 10.5 PTS
Final Table Bubble 5 POINTS

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.) How do I Play in the VGN Weekend League?

A.) There are 2 tournaments both Saturday & Sunday @ 2 PM EST / 7 PM GMT.  To enter into these tournaments you must visit the poker chat lobby and message a [VGN] admin for entry information.  They will explain to you everything you need to know about getting in.

Q.) How do I win Prizes participating in the VGN Weekend League?

A.)  Throughout the month we may give away various prizes in the chat lobby and on social media.  Your best bet is to just stay engaged and on the lookout for different ways to win.  Below you can see some of the ways that you can win additional prizes.

  • Chat Games – Chat games are held in the poker chat lobby.  You must be logged in with your VGN Account to participate.
  • Placing First –  Throughout the month we might announce in the poker chat lobby that we will be giving first place in a tournament a prize.  Be on the lookout!  Prizes must be claimed within 24 hours.
  • Social Media Contests – Keep an eye out on the VGN Poker official twitter, facebook group & social media for different contests and giveaways.

Q.) How do the Poker Leaderboard Work?

A.) Poker leaderboards are updated once a month and will reflect your points earned and position in the community.  Leaderboards are not updated immediately so just keep checking back for updates.

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