VGN Weekend League August Prizes

VGN Weekend League Prizes

VGN Weekend League August Prizes

888 Weekend League August Prizes

Please see below for a list of tickets and prizes we have given out this month to our players!  If you are a new player on 888 Poker and want to get $88 Free No Deposit & More please Click Here!  Hope to see you guys in September!  Good luck earning those prizes and points!  Special thanks to the players, 888 Poker and the rest of our sponsors for making the VGN Weekend League Possible!  Please note that UK Residents are not eligible for additional prizes.

Click Here to view the 888 Weekend League Leaderboards!  Please note it could take up to a week from the date of this post to receive your prizes.


This month we are rewarding the Top 13 People on The VGN Weekend League Leaderboards!  Congratulations Guys!  You should receive your prizes soon!  Please contact VGN SUPPORT if you have any questions.

1.)  x1 12.00 – hentes81
2.) x1 12.00 – alex91055536
3.) x1 12.00 – meteoraman14
4.) x1 12.00 – Victor_Od
5.) x1 12.00 – leandrojg84
6.) x1 5.00 – tazzmaster62
7.) x1 5.00 – ahnafm
8.) x1 5.00 – BelizeBum
9.) x1 5.00 – narayan4eg
10.)x1 5.00 – TOT_ElllE
11.) x1 5.00 – rogercrpa
12.) x1 5.00 – Boginya777
13.) x1 5.00 – costea1304


x1 5.00 Medvedik33
x1 5.00 Renaudpoke
x1 5.00 hidekiykt
x1 5.00 avoseed
x1 5.00 Tauers09
x1 5.00 zomerxiii
x1 5.00 gencoal
x1 5.00 zaions





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