VGN Weekend League September Prizes

VGN Weekend League September Prizes

VGN Weekend League September Prizes

888 Weekend League September Prizes

We had a great turnout this month and it was a lot of fun.  There are lots of different tickets and prizes we have given out and with any luck you all with have them credited to your account within a day or 2.  The Tournament Results and Leaderboards have been up been updated for the month of September.  Hopefully October will be just as awesome.  Congratulations to everyone!  See you on the felt!  Good Luck & Good Games!

Click Here to view the 888 Weekend League Leaderboards!  Please note it could take up to a week from the date of this post to receive your prizes.


This month we are rewarding the Top 15 People on The VGN Weekend League All-Time Leaderboards!  Please remember that if you place first in any VGN Weekend League Game throughout the month you are eligible for a 12.00 Ticket.  In order to claim the ticket you must be in chat and claim it within 10 minutes of winning.

Congratulations Guys!  You should receive your prizes soon!  Please contact VGN 24/7 SUPPORT if you have any questions.

1st.) x1 5.00 alex91055536
2nd.) x1 5.00 meteoraman14
3rd.) x1 5.00 hentes81
4th.) x1 5.00 Victor_Od
5th.) x1 5.00 leandrojg84
6th.) x1 5.00 BelizeBum
7th.) x1 5.00 TOT_ElllE
8th.) x1 5.00 donk3443
9th.) x1 5.00 tazzmaster62
10th.) x1 5.00 melissa282
11th.) x1 5.00 zolotoy83
12th.) x1 5.00 ahnafm
13th.) x1 5.00 narayan4eg
14th.) x1 5.00 gencoal
15th.) x1 5.00 costea1304


x1 5.00 donk3443
x1 5.00 Victor_Od
x1 5.00 gencoal
x1 5.00 Victor_Od
x1 5.00 TwistedBCfox
x1 5.00 kryptonight8
x1 5.00 gencoal
x1 5.00 gloomyelf3
x1 5.00 gencoal
x1 5.00 mogyo_10
x1 5.00 Tauers09
x1 5.00 – steef25rdam
x1 5.00 – zaions
x1`5.00 – donk3443
x1 1.00 – surarit
x1 5.00 – zaions
x1 1.00 – OBVIOPO
x1 12.00 – gencoal (FIRST PLACE)
x1 5.00 – avoseed
x1 1.00 – alex91055536
x1 1.00 – JimJackL0
x1 12.00 – alex91055536 (FIRST PLACE)
x1 5.00 – KOTJA16
x1 5.00 – melissa282
x1 5.00 – Stepanych77





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