2/23/20 Winners Circle 888 LIVE Sochi 2020 Seat!

888 Live Sochi 2020

888 Live Sochi 2020

February Winners Circle 888 LIVE Sochi 2020 Seat!

February Winners Circle has been scheduled for February 23rd 2020.  Congratulations to everyone who earned their seat in the tournament.  Prize Pool is set at $100 GTD.  We have a total of 90 Players who qualified.  Before the tournament starts the ticket will automatically be credited to your account.  If your name is below simply hit register and you will be entered into the tournament.

But Wait!  That’s not it.  The guys over at 888 have decided to throw you guys a Seat into the 888poker Live Sochi Event in April.  If you place first in the 2/23/20 Winners Circle not only will you get your prize money but you can also your bags and head to Sochi in April with your $500 Seat.

In order to be eligible for the $500 Ticket your name must be listed below and you must place fist in the 2/23 Winners Circle.  After you place first simply reach out to VGN Support or Contact an Administrator and we will give you the details.

Look For Your Name Below & see you on Sunday 2/23/20!

Eligible players must have placed top 10 in any weekend league event in January 2020.  Players are also eligible if they are Top 50 on the VGN Weekend League ALL-TIME leaderboards.  Players Are also eligible if they won a contest in any VGN Hosted Event including ChipShippers in January.  If you feel your name should be below but you do not see your name please reach out to VGN Support or contact an administrator in chat.  Good Luck Everyone!

x1 winner circle/targa65
x1 winner circle/obviopo
x1 winner circle/gencoal
x1 winner circle/BasTidChiken
x1 winner circle/gloomyelf3
x1 winner circle/zockgott
x1 winner circle/Paddy261
x1 winner circle/alex91055536
x1winner circle/Deadshot25


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