888 Claims In-Game Betting Offers an Opportunity for Growth

sports betting888 Claims In-Game Betting Offers an Opportunity for Growth

The most recent trading update from 888 establishes the operator’s roadmap for growth in the US. In-game sports betting in particular is one such area where the company sees an opportunity for expansion.

Apart from being active all over the world, 888 Holdings has established itself in the regulated US market for six years already. The legal sports betting is where the company shines in the US ever since 2013 – it has gaming operating in the states of Nevada, Delaware and New Jersey.

According to Yaniv Sherman, the Commercial Development SVP of 888, this fact allows the company to maintain an edge over its competitors. He believes that more people in the US should take part in in-play betting. Currently, only half of sports bettors in the US use in-play betting. In contrast, this number is 63% for the global customer base, while the percentage for the UK goes even higher.

Sherman further believes that although the US bettor is quite different from the global bettors, this fact is soon to change and we will be seeing a rapid change towards swift adoption of in-play betting.

Yet another potential growth area is represented by the use of mobile devices for poker and online casinos.

The SVP also stressed on the importance of attracting offshore bettors to the legal market. He claimed that out of the USD 150 million annually wagered on sports betting events, just as little as 4% are actually spent on the legal market. These clients can also be attracted to the state regulated sports betting sites in future.

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