Online Casinos Threatened Again by a New iOS Policy

Online Casinos Threatened Again by a New iOS Policy

Online Casinos Threatened Again by a New iOS Policy

Online Casinos Threatened Again by a New iOS Policy

The Apple Store’s recent policy change presents another problem for online casinos. In particular, the 3rd of June update contains a troubling message. The Guideline 4.7 states that certain games made available in applications may not offer access to lotteries and real money gaming or support digital commerce.

All of this is a substantial demand from the application store. It is also a big problem for the game developers as they will be required to write iOS system native code. If they have written their software with different technologies such as HTML5, their code will have to be rewritten almost from scratch. Failure to do so may result in their applications’ removal from the App Store.

As it is well known, many developers for casino applications use the HTML5 language to put together their apps, and rewriting thousands of lines of code is not a “piece of cake”. The code cannot be just copied and pasted into a newly-approved format. Almost everything will have to be rewritten from scratch.

Another problem for the software developers is the fast-approaching 3rd of September deadline, which puts a great pressure to produce a working and polished application in a very limited time.

This change is mostly relevant to wagering for sporting events. However, on the bright side of things, in some cases, there could be a relatively easy conversion for the sports betting applications.

What could be crucial for determining how big the problem will be is the level at which the sportsbook and its online casino are integrated. If the sportsbook is completely integrated, this could be an issue. It is known that most casino titles use HTL5 and the fix will not be straightforward or easy.

Although the change at Apple make developers angry, the company is determined to have the capability to independently review every hosted app on its application store that generates money.


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