Even More PartyPoker Bots on the Ban List

Even More PartyPoker Bots on the Ban List

Even More PartyPoker Bots on the Ban List

Even More PartyPoker Bots on the Ban List

The recent monthly report of Partypoker lists a good number of purged accounts during May. All in all, 42 accounts were suspended, with 33 of those marked as partypoker bots accounts coming from the main site of the company. While most were from the dot com site of Partypoker, the rest were banned from dot eu domain where Spanish and French gamblers compete.

The ban on the mentioned dot com accounts also resulted in the confiscation of close to USD 47000 while another EUR 3,598 was confiscated from the European accounts. Presently, the poker room is trying to determine the number of players victimized by the bots and refund them.

Regardless of these numbers, Partypoker claim that the number of fake accounts removed marks a decline from the month of April by as much as 50%, reflecting the hard work the Poker Fraud Team of the poker operator is investing into dealing with bot accounts on the site.

However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that all bot accounts were caught and banned. What is known is that on both the main and the European sites a number of fake accounts were reported by players.

Up until now, Partypoker has reportedly removed as many as 413 bot accounts.

Bots are in essence a program set up by a person who has an active account with a poker room. The program automates poker action allowing play with only minimal or even zero interaction. The most challenging part in creating a bot is to make it sophisticated enough to play poker like a real player. Quite a lot of these programs are available online for those who want to use them. Some bots follow the smart strategy of collecting very small amounts of money for a long period of time which makes them harder to distinguish but the profits from them are piling up over time nonetheless.

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