PartyPoker HUD Software Banned Online!

PartyPoker HUD Software Banned

PartyPoker HUD Software Banned

PartyPoker HUD Software Banned!

From the 17th of June, 2019, Partypoker asked all their players to switch to a different screenname. The action was deemed necessary as a step towards a new update of their software which was primarily done to block the future use of PartyPoker HUD Software.

The obligatory change of player screennames was just one of a number of substantial changes Partypoker outlined on their blog. They come as measure resulting from numerous player feedbacks and aim to give a new fresh start to players of all levels as well as transform the site into a more trustworthy and safer place to play poker.

After the update, it is no longer possible to download hand histories. It makes it impossible for people previously taking advantage of poker tracking databases and Head Up Displays to continue using them, taking advantage of their opponents as well as tracking themselves through the use of third-party software.

It will still be possible to replay recent hands through the Hand History Office – a mini dashboard. This still leaves an option for players to review their latest games. The mini dashboard Hand History Office will provide information concerning community cards, hole cards, as well as the size of the pot on Fast Forward pooled tables, tournament tables and the recent cash game tables.

If players wish to review their tournament hands and cash games, the Hand History Office will provide this option for the last 3 months. Additionally, there will be filters for pot size, date range and hole cards, which will aid gamblers in reviewing hands but will keep the names of opponents undisclosed.

Partypoker only allows the use of StackAndTile and Partycaption third-party software. If someone is caught using any other programs to gain unfair advantage over his/hers opponents, their account will be closed and the money in their accounts redistributed.

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