Sunday Weekend League Freerolls Important Notice

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Sunday Weekend League Freerolls Important Notice

Hello Everyone!  This announcement is to let everybody know of some upcoming changes to Sunday VGN Weekend League Freerolls Starting Sunday 12/6/2020.

Lately we have been asking around the community and taken a vote and it seems as though players would rather lock down the weekend league to VGN Subscriber Club Members only.  Over the past few months we have been building up the subscriber club a little bit and we think it might be time to take it to the next level.

Starting Sunday 12/6/2020 Weekend League “Sunday” eligibility will be limited to VGN Subscribers Only.

By locking down the weekend league Sundays to Sub Club members this will enable us to provide more secure and rewarding environment including additional freerolls and games to our dedicated and loyal players.

We aren’t decreasing value we are increasing value and looking to provide a more quality atmosphere to our existing community.  VGN is constantly changing and evolving.  All of the decisions we make are done with the communities better interest in mind.


  • Only VGN Sub Club Members will be able to play the VGN Weekend League Sunday Freeroll.
  • Saturday Weekend League will still be open to everyone.
  • The 30-Day Free Trial is still available for new VGN Subscribers.  After that it is $4.99/mo
  • VGN Subscribers Have Access to $100’s of dollars in additional daily network freerolls & benefits.
  • All other buy-in games such as fight club and anything else we add will still be accessible by all players.
  • Player will still have to visit the chat lobby for information to enter into the tournament.

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