Tonight’s Breakout VGN Community Freeroll


Breakout Poker

Tonight’s Breakout VGN Community Freeroll

Breakout Poker and VGN are hosting our first $50.00 Freeroll Tonight @ 9:00 PM EST.  Join JimMac65 and Paddy tonight for the 3.30 JimMac Bounty Attack & Same time signup and play for the Breakout Poker $50.00 Freeroll.  Password for tonights Breakout Poker “VGN Community Freeroll” will be the same as the VGN Community Freeroll on WPN.  All you gotta do is come to the lobby and we will post it by 7:15.  Listen Live Hangout with us and have fun.  This should be a pretty cool event.  Please keep in mind this $50.00 Freeroll is open to NON-US Residents only.   VGN offers one of the best signup bonus’s around town.  If you are not a resident of the United States and want to get in on some serious action then you’re good.

Signup for tonight’s Breakout VGN Community Freeroll.  Its underneith the “Tournament Tab”.  Simply wait in the community chat lobby by Clicking Here!  Listen live for the full Breakout Poker Info tonight on VGN Poker!

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VGN Community Chat Lobby

Have any questions about getting into tonight’s tournament? Contact Support!  Click Here!

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