Weekend League Results / 888 Newsletter 11/2020 – 12/2020

Weekend League

Weekend League 888 Poker

VGN Weekend League November Results & Information

With our current schedule we have a lot of action playing out right now on 888.  Over the next month or so we plan to step that up a notch and start to add more competitive buy-in tournament events and improve on our current structure. Congratulations to strong117 on placing first on the VGN Weekend League Monthly Leaderboards!!  Please reach out to VGN Support To Claim Your Prize.

1.) Weekend League Sundays

By popular vote within the community we have decided to lock down the Sunday VGN Weekend League Game to VGN Subscribers Only.  Saturdays will still be open to everyone but if you wanna play Weekend League on Sundays you will have to be a subscriber.  What  This means is that only VGN Subscribers will be able to obtain access to the VGN Weekend League Sunday Games.

More information on The Sunday Weekend League Change can be found by clicking here.

3.) VGN Torchwoods Tornado

Currently we are looking at adding a new micro tournament an hour after Weekend League Starts on Saturdays on 888.  This will be an opportunity for players to maximize their saturday bankroll, Climb Some Boards & Participate in new contests and giveaways.  Please stay tuned for more information on the structure and details for this event.

4.) VGN Fight Club

VGN Fight Club will continue to run through December.  For those of you who don’t know what this is it runs every Sunday and is a 2.20 PKO Tournament.  ChipShippers will continue to broadcast the event and run contests/giveaways and coverage throughout the tournament.


We love our community and are always looking for cool things to improve players experience on 888poker & on VGN.  These changes are meant to push us forward and continue to evolve the community in a positive way.  We are looking forward to adding some new cash tournaments for you guys that we think you all will enjoy as well as continue to deliver you the best quality community atmosphere possible.

If there are any questions about any of these changes or need help with your account please don’t hesitate to reach out to VGN 24/7 Support!



x1 5.00 alex91055536
x1 12.00 bstnorthy
x1 12.00 crazynewf16
x1 5.00 freizeit771
x1 5.00 Trip2Vegas2
x1 5.00 gencoal
x1 5.00 Snorlanasa
x1 5.00 jakobusss73
x1 5.00 torchwood
x1 5.00 Chestterson
x1 5.00 Victor_Od
x1 5.00 TwistedBCfox
x1 12.00 targa65

Below are the results for VGN Weekend League November 2020!



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