VGN Weekend League August 2020 Newsletter & Prizes

888 Weekend League August 2020 Prizes

888 Weekend League August 2020 Prizes

VGN Weekend League August 2020 Prizes/Results/News

Thank you all for waiting patiently for the August Results. We’ve been really busy doing updates. Everything has been updated for August and we have all the results listed below.  Congratulations raccaas1 placing first on the Weekend League August 2020 Leaderboards.  He had a total of 1 Win & 7 Finishes.  It looks like gencoal has reclaim-ed his all-time lead on the all-time boards.  Congratulations all!  Stay tuned for September Results!  Thank you to the team and all the players for all of their support!  Good Luck on the Felt!

Make sure you check out the 888 Millions Superstorm and also stay tuned for a potential mystery box and some ticket giveaways for the series!



August 2020 888 TICKET PRIZES

x1 5.00 PrinceJigger
x1 12.00 LoD_23
X1 5.00 racaas
x1 12.00 gencoal
x1 5.00 leks042
x1 5.00 Pudge888
x1 5.00 sanek555888
x1 5.00 osotorov
x1 5.00 bstnorthy
x1 12.00 Cyberhero888

August 2020 TOP 10 FINISHERS

List of all the people who placed top 10 in a weekend league tournament for the month of August.


Congratulations Guys!  You should receive your prizes soon!  Please contact VGN 24/7 SUPPORT if you have any questions.Want your chance to win with 888 & VGN Poker?  Make sure you come hangout in the poker chat lobby to be eligible.

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